Christian Church Under Suspicion On “S”

Hi! It’s Shellile Linn.

Situation of Christian and Catholic Church under Abe dictation and Nippon Kaigi control had been “not getting better, but not getting bad”.

For example, a little parish Catholic Church suburb of Tokyo asking some volunteer “parking watchers” who also watching possible “S” the spy or  in case of police officer’s visit during Mass. 

Some disturbance had happened since several years ago, so the parish members are doing our own best to figure out the possible “S” occurs the confussion and scare those faithful but old, weak, sick man and women especially.

However, the situation is getting worse so rapidly since the the Conspiracy Law, which is  worse than “Peace Preservation Law” issued around the Great Earthquake in Tokyo on September 1st, 1923.

The peace Preservation Law which abolished right after WWII had legalised the security agent to check the homily and preaching in Christian Church. 

So, the Catholic priests and pastors of the Protestant churches had used some Bible verses and the Biblical story as the secret information tool to let parish member get the correct information on the situation given to each Church to stay in our faith. 
Beatification of Ukon Takayama, a Samurai, Lay Catholic

Although the Constitution of Japan guarantees the freedom of religion at this moment, I’ve heard a rummer that a protestant Christian Church nearby a small office of local group which protest for Abe cabinet and Nippon Kaigi politics.

Nippon Kaigi seemed to use exactly same method to spread out their “Nipponism”. 

Nippon Kaigi’s Nipponism is basically more political than something religious. 

For example, there was “Shidai Shohachiman Shinto Shrine” in Yamaguchi prefecture which is the home land of PM Abe Shinzo. To construct Kamiji Nuclear Power Plant, government asked the Shrine to sell the goddess Hachiman’s forest, which is the natural goddess itself to the Shidai villagers. 

So, Shinto priest, Shuji Hayasi refused to sell the land of goddess Hachiman according to his faith that he can never sell the land to ruin the nature by nuclear power plant. 

His protest wasn’t supported by Jinja-Honcho Yamaguchi area priests nor Jinja-Honcho, which is already hacked over by Nippon Kaigi for sometime several decades ago. 

Priest Hayashi was tutored by higher priests,  resigned not by his will, and died by mysterious reason during the trial on his resignation. 

Nippon Kaigi’s Nipponism is an empty case called “Japanese bashful pride”. 

With high pride and co-dependent juvenile and tender heart, Nipponist always need hate, enemy and weak one to blame on.

For Nipponist, Christians and Catholics are the easiest target to make up the image of “the hostile crusaders against Nipponists” although the Japanese Christians and Catholics are basically deeply faithful. 

Maybe I’m also concerned as one of the hostile crusaders against Nipponist just because I’ve been writing the blog on Christian faith in Japanese way.

I’m very sure that Christianity is very much acceptable religion for many Japanese if we aren’t in socially difficult situation. 

Christians in Japan is bit less than 1% of the national population. And except very few brave lay Christians, we cannot even say “I’m Christian” at  job, at work. 

So many Christian mothers are prohibited to give Christian education and baptism by her husband by unreasonable prejudice. 

From now on, we’ll need to be very careful on “S” officially. 

Pray for Christians in Japan as well as those Christians under difficulty in other area of the world.   


Why Japanese people cannot resist against the dirty power?

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As most of you know, the people resistant for President Keunae Park has spreaded out to entire South Korean Peninsula. People have risen to resignation of jobbery and their relations.

In Japan, Abe cabinet and Nippon Kaigi have been doing all the robberies, dirty jobs, illegal casino open, and the pension cut, but, very few shows their anger on the steamrollers again and again.

There are several reasons happen on the series of reaction as the silent majority.

One reason is any individual opinion has been ignored since their childhood during their courses of education in Japan. A former school teacher told me that the school and classes move by mood. It is worthless effort for a teacher to change the mood once it become dull and down.

The mood(kooki in Japanese) is sensitively controlled by few administrative members "not admit any one teacher nor student be cheeky or resist against administrator".  Saying any individual opinion in public is judged wrong in this nation. Students with autism are concerned as troublesome social problem since autism kids and adults are generally not good at sense the mob psychological movement.

I see frightened eyes in many children while they show fake smile toward adults. It is very hard for an ordinary Japanese how deep they had been brain-washed by the Japanophilosophy that the Japanese are worth to become the top of the world family under the Japanese Emperor even His Highness deny to be so.

Most of Japanese get anger without knowing any obvious reason by oneself if anyone point on how deep one's personality have been depressed by public brain-wash for life long.

The other reason is Japan is the one of few nation which haven't had any historical incident to resist against different ethnical group or nation since 5th century when Yamato Dynasty had settled in Nara.

The geographic location of Japan is too  galapagos in the whole earth.

Japan is isolated far from the Southern Pacific Islands of Philippine, Mindanao, Guam and Hawai.  And the marine current flow from the Asian continent mainly from China and Korean Peninsula to Japan along with seasonable winds.  Anyone who refuged from the Asian continent by some reason may end up in Japan or died in the Pacific ocean until sailing vessel class boat was invented.

If any refugee miss landing on Japan, or drawn away to the Pacific Ocean toward Hawai by seasonable winds or typhoon, the ancient boats were drown somewhere not far away from Japan.

The opposite was true. It was very difficult to go to Korean Peninsula from Japan until about 14th century. Navigation technology against the marine current and seasonable winds was too risky even Yamato Dynasty were so enthusiastic to learn the new political and social science along with linguistics and culture.

It means that there's no other ethnical group nor aliens in the walk or a row distance from Japan. Since 16th century, Japanese are puzzled and refused to learn how to build up the relationship with other ethnical or religious groups.

Fumie, a touchstone for Christians during Edo  Period.
All the Christians are forced to tread on the Jesus and  Holy Mother.

But, above isn't the only reason to be brain-washed so easily.

Many Japanese people are very weak for emotionally evil suggestions, and fall into one side assumption. Once one fall into the assumption, then he or she start to make up the causes, reasoning and logics along with emotional assumption with hate discrimination feeling.

Since most of Japanese self-esteem stops at the co-dependent for life, it will be a key to let brain-washed person get burst one's anger being brain-washed to get rid of co-dependence.

Christian hate is mare heel actor on Japanophilosophical brain-wash. And psychiatrical care, counseling and care will be needed for in case of further needs.

An old woman in the weekly spiritual retreat told me that the social pressure against Christian is getting so strong, that she can even feel the Christian hate mood even though she has very few people to meet who aren't our parish member.

It's the fact. Some Japanese Christians may need to go overseas for evangelic journey due to persecution while others would die in peace in Christ.


Christian Hate Media Report: Media Caving On Catholic Facilities

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There were two cases of official caving for Catholic facilities in last two months.

Flowers for memorial in Yamayuri-en
One was related with a mass murder of severe handicapped in Yamayuri-En in Sagamihara. Satoshi Uematsu, a suspect's name was not specified on the wikipedia in Japanese. Satoshi Uematsu had sent two letters to the Ohshima speaker of the House of Representatives and PM Shinzo Abe to murder those seriously handicapped for social mercy. He also wrote that "I will start murdering those who uselessly having hard time with complexed handicaps, so please give me an amnesty by two years in jail". 

Japanese government had never show any deplore on what Uematsu wrote to Shinzo Abe via Oshima. Uematsu seemed to have a psychopath character originally, but not had any diagnosis 
to psychological deceases.

I read many comments to praise Uematsu as a hate hero to murder socially useless! And LDP, government and Nippon Kaigi had never deny those extreme right as hate speech even anti-hate speach law had already become a force before Sagamihara mass murder. 

So, Nippon Kaigi focused to acused St. Marianne Hospital which gave a official designation of mental health diagnosis(an official psychiatrist who judge the judicial condition for suspect and/or doubted to occure criminal action) without going through required number of cases individually. 

I don't think it happened only in Kanagawa prefecture, nor only in St. Marianne Hospital. The cause it happened was too few psychiatrists with official status holding too many cases to take care of. And as it is generally true in the psychiatric treatment, the treat and councilling take more time for each patient, therefore more psychiatrist is needed. 

However, MHLW and media hadn't expand the check for other hospitals, but accused only St. Marianne Hospital repeatedly.

And second on is a troublesome student harmed two fellow students and a teacher by a little knife in a high school class room in Gyousei Gakuen High School, which belongs to Jesuit. 

And the Japanese media tortured on the knife fight happened in Christian high school so loudly more than several days. 

As one parent of University student, a knife fight is just a worth to unlimited suspension cases happen  in any high school. Having survival knifes as in the RPG game is very often in high schools of all level. And there are so few Catholic students in Gyousei Gakuen, for Gyousei is one of the most high level school in Tokyo.

While there are so many cases reported that students become Hikikomori or commit suicide by ignorance of educational council, homeroom teacher and their students, knife incident isn't worth to become "public news".    

It means the media is so strictly controlled by Nippon Kaigi and PM Abe ministry. 

Kanagawa prefecture seems to being a special target to puffed off to hatred for minority, handicapped, and Catholic members. 

The grass-root sect way is sometimes really damp. Several days ago, a nursery facility managed by "Raphael" occurred an abuse. I've checked the website of "Raphael", and the owner had say no a word related with Christianity. And "Raphael" is the name of the Bishop of Yokohama dioceses! 

Nippon Kaigi, the grass-root sect never say anything clear, but "make-up some bad mood or hate mood on Catholics and Christians" is their favorite method. 

I'm not really sure why Nippon Kaigi seemed to target Kanagawa prefecture especially than other prefectures. If there's any reason for that, three US bases and one supply base are in Kanagawa, which is second largest next to Okinawa. 

I'm worried if any of Catholic members in Japan who are weak but serious become their sacrifice to make persecution mood in the grass-root way. 

Pray for us Catholics and Christians in Japan. 


Christinitian-Hate Reference: Christianity denies "nature"?

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The majority of Japanese even intellectually excellent get confused with understanding the "nature" in Christianity.

According to the modern Japanophilosophy since 19th century, the virtue concept of "Japan" contains the most simple term of truth without inviting social confusion, conflict and contest without asking religious practice except those who belong to certain clan to do the religious practice as a group representative.

Those who aren't responsible for practicing religious prayers and rituals shall not be responsible for the result of those spiritual practice. That's why Japanese after WWII generation don't have pacific interest on religious practice.

Most of ordinary Japanese religious authority say"oh, you can belong to whatever you're now. You don't have to think about whether converting to our religious authority!".

Hence it is very sensitive term to convert the religion in Japan even though no family member know exactly what flow of temple do he or she really belong to. The conversion is really sensitive just because majority of Japanese never really know anything about the temple or the shrine a family have a tomb.

So, the conversion itself makes feel ordinary Japanese people "forced" to do something although most of them don't have any religious faith in any way, hence the term of conversion bring in a small group or family unbearable conflict, contest and contradiction.

Second reason Japanese people accuse on Christianity is "denying the Japanese style eroticism".

During Edo period, people generally didn't have right to immigrate or just move in and out freely. They lived under very strict Kimono dress code that some wealthy merchants were executed in public due to dressed like a princess and high clan Samurai with an actress hair style. There were gates in every corner you walk in Edo(present Tokyo), and had a security check whenever one crosses a bridge here to there. Religious conversion was generally prohibited and being NON CHRISTIAN was the symbol of sameness under Tokugawa tyranny.

Erotic literature, poems, picture book like manga and all kinds of sex was the only safety valve people could "enjoy" during Edo period. Although committing adultly was worth death penalty,  "double suicide" committed by prohibited lovers were the true idol.  There were variety of double suicide...poor young man and rich girl, Oiran a caged courtesan and a customer, even a page and young land lord were really committed day by day all over Japan.

So, Japanese erotic standard is too rude for the majority of cultural evaluation system. But, Japanese have been very hostile to Christianity especially because missionaries swear the concentrated chastity which denies the erotic standard in Japan.

Many Japanese get lost when they see so many Christian enjoy sex, some even enjoy prostitute or rape in some rude case, but missionaries teaches "to keep your chastity".

The dissociation of reality and the ideal should be "case by case" individual trouble, but no general teaching exist for majority of Japanese just because the general teaching might occure conflict, contest and contradiction inside of one Japanese individual as well as Japanese society.

According to Japanophilosophy, any kind of public opinion which bring in the great conflict, contest, challenge and contradiction is concerned as something evil.  So, Christian thinking brings in the conflict and contradiction between eroticism, sex and chastity according to Japanese Galapagos evaluation system.

Japanese are generally lack of coming over the conflict, contest and contradiction generally. Japanese generally do their every effort to avoid three C's...conflict, contest and contradiction in inside Japan, because majority of Japanese think that if something great cannot take responsibility by itself, Japanese have to repent all the responsibility by death penalty.

Now, it is severer threat for this planet if Nippon Kaigi would really aim to commit suicide with 55 atomic plants in island nation called Japan on the three continental plate borders. Right now, Nippon Kaigi has been just being blind for their grass root sinister. But, now they slowly started to feel there's  not much things they can do to solve Fukushima crisis and troubles in other atomic energy plants.

It is very difficult to let majority of Japanese understand that anybody on this planet can never fully avoid three Cs living on this planet. But, to keep Nippon Kaigi or similar cults' pride being "universal Japanese", Nippon Kaigi might do anything to hide what is really going on in this nation until extinguish all the living Japanese who haven't had chance to run away from this critical situation.

I feel awful threat might become true. Suicide toll is rising every single day. In Tokyo area for example, there's no single day goes on without "train accident" caused by jumping in.

"If I die now, I don't have to go to Dentsu after my death" was a last word of a young woman who committed suicide and recently became big news by her mother's effort to set Dentsu on the court.

She'd never thought  on "I'd be free if I die".  She was just too worn out and tired.

I've been trying my best to let Japanese people understand the non-existence of the universal Japanese   as well as other people from different approach. But, we really need in help to move those political and economical puppets closer to Nippon Kaigi.


Christian-Hate Reference: "Good" and "Bad" depends on the definition

Hi! It's Shellil Linn.( ◠‿◠ )

Now, we begin with the mis-leading Japanese translation ver. of "Anti-Christ" written by Friedrich Nietzsche.

In the first Chapter, Tekina define "goodness" as "the intention and emotion raise the power and/or make power powerful by itself". For Tekina the power of the time is always "good".

This kind of logics have been deep rooted since Tokugawa Tycoon had strictly limited the diplomatic relationship to let not foreign affairs bother the domestic politics. At the beginning of Tokugawa Era,  Ieyasu Tokugawa, the first Shogun would temporary limit the diplomatic relationship since he was too old to settle his planned authorities of Tokugawa government to finish up the War Era(Sengoku) confusion.

During Edo period,  "the powerful authority=Tokugawa Shugunate is good" was stenciled deeply into entire nation by public execution for warning so often.

When Meiji renewal raise by Satsuma(present Kagoshima), and Choshu(present Yamaguchi, the home land of PM Abe) painted over to "the winner is the right sovereignty, the looser is the rebellions".

So, Tekina translated the Bad in "anti-Christ" is "being weak, being looser".  So Tekina says if weeks drop out the society, push one's back forward (to desperate) by the name of humanity. Wow, his logic might make you vomit, but this logic is the main cause for high percentage of suicides in Japan.

Then Tekina says the Christianity is the religion of sympathy to weakness, which the good power should exterminate the bad weakness. Maybe Hitler will love this logic if he's alive!

By Tekina's translation, human being cannot become anyone valuable than one settled in whether a good side or bad side. But, western philosophers such as Aristotle to Schopenhauer misunderstood the original sin in Christian theological term is the prerequisite to discuss the humanity.

And then Tekina interpreted that the goddesses cannot be alway good=powerful, but goddesses need to have bad=weakness.

According to this referendum, truth exist the number of ethnological groups, and truth differs depends on each ethnological group. And the duty, ethics, right, justice and goodness are all depends on the each domestic groups.

Around here, his logics jump over that the monotheism=Christianity. Although he made some comments on Muslim world is also monotheism, and ignored Judaism or all other monotheism include the sun worship in traditional Japanese faith(Otentosan faith).  He clearly affirmed that the monotheism=Christianity is evil and false in all the religion in this world.

The important point for our reader isn't Tekina is mare radio commentator.  But, the point is Tekina had honestly written the exactly same logics there had been under WWII dictatorship.

Now, since the logic of good and bad is defined by the faceless nameless bureaucrats and group of dictators in "good group" at the time, Japanological religion, or Nippon Kaigi's religious base don't have any root in any kind of Japanese tradition nor any kind of traditional faith.

So, if non-Japanese try to let Japanese understand something by logical explanatory with good advice, Japanese sneak away from your logics for the logics cannot melt into there feelings. So, if you know a bite of good and bad definition of the Nippon Kaigi, Japanese government, beaurocrates  and ordinary people's root, you can add a bite of vinegar and sugar along with your logics.

There're always someone weak in Japanese society is depressed who knows truth but its too worthless knowing it. You can find that weak one with inside information and help the weak ones with sincerely  kindness.

Sometimes, bad=weak side ones are weak in Japan only, but generally concerned as strong or talented in out of Japan. Making weak Japanese the most influential in out of Japan, it might move the near weak majority to get out of their desperate being weak side.

So, we now are quite far away from Nietzsche's historical piece.

Since the powerful are always in fear and anxiety, try not to stimulate those sensitive dictators, and helping raise of the weak in out of Japan is one way I can offer you as a hand to give proper information from out of Japan.


Christian-Hate Reference: Mis-leading ver. of "Anti-Christ"

Hi! It's Shellil Linn.( ◠‿◠ )

It took weeks to get well from my throat ache and a reference book which may be helpful to understand how Nippon Kaigi have been working out a farsighted scheme to restraint the increase of Christians in Japan since 1970th.
It's been in my mind that I need to find an issued book reference which shows Nippon Kaigi's permanent discriminative stance for Christianity, Catholics & traditional Christians.

"The Edict Against Christian" Rule had been on the  every street corner  until 1873.
Several weeks ago, I've accidentally found a book "The Christianity is the false teaching" which was entitled as the modern translation of "Anti-Christ" written by Friedrich Nietzsche.

The translator claim himself as a philosopher, Osamu Tekina, whose name seems pen name. His present job is not certain after he graduated from Waseda University majored Nietzsche in the philosophy course. His pen name probably means "not good, not bad, so so".

According to the internet search, his present official job is a writer  and "one of many"  commentator in early morning radio program called "Ohayo Tera-chan". According to the program official website,  Tekina is the one of many commentator live on some Friday, 6:10a.m.  The right-wing paper, Sankei likely to show  Tekina's comment rarely.  Since there're so many movies on YOU TUBE of his radio talk, he's trying to promote himself although his comments were evaluated as "too low level" "always same-same theory" by most of young 2 ch bulletin board writers.

I can classify his writing to two types; classify, divide, and self-torturing type writing praising "elites are the only and the best" "the middle class are troublesome" and the Christianity & Christian, and racial hate books.

Critical thing I've felt was a man who claims "I'm a philosopher" type childish book is issued from Kodansha, one of the most famous scholastic and business paper back publisher. There has to be someone with power behind him not only supporting him economically, but, someone who can make Kodansha issue this kind of "hate book" on 2005.

Let me introduce you some extreme "translation" of Tekina on the cover belt:

Defendant: Christianity is guilty.
I'd ask for the most sever charge to the defendant as no other accuser had ever done before. There's nothing decayed fully as much as Christianity is.

Christianity makes everything around the world soured.  Christianity fabricates the invaluable out of truly valuable, lier from truth, nastiness out of honestness. If you would still want to talk about the blessing of humanity through Christian Church, just go ahead and do it.
Christian Church has been prolonged as it has been taken mean advantage of weakness of human being.
More over, Christian church has been creating all the misfortune to make its authority eternal.

Since late 19th century until II Vatican Council, So many non-Christians, Jewish, all kinds of Christians even novices in convents, monasteries, and the theologists had shouted out the booing calls for renewal.

At that era, Nietzsche wasn't the only one who criticized the way Catholic church had been hence the Trient Council's fresh air had become dull and mean after Jansenismus had risen and "poisoned" the Catholic Church in Pharisees' way.

Most of Japanese people would never understand what has been going on in the rest of the world except "Japan" the small world. And Nippon Kaigi has been trying to brainwash all Japanese to convince with their fanatic ideal.

Ironically, most of Japanese were devoted into  Chrisitian-Hate mood so easily until Shinzo Abe become well-known as the biggest sponsor of  cult-Christianity, and as an important member of Nippon Kaigi through the internet. It must be some influence from young generation who never concern oneself as a Buddhist. Heisei(1989-present) young ones  began to ask "why we have to hate Christianity? Is there any reason doing so?" after they become old enough to have doubt on elder generations.

I think it was the remarkable turning point when the extreme right wing movers have begun to wave the Star Spangle Banner along with Japanese flag and marched and demonstrated "Viva right!!".

Nippon Kaigi right wing demonstration divided and scattered Yamaguchigumi Yakuza,  and triggered the historical declaration of NO-MORE-UYOKU(extreme right wing in Japanese)  by some  Issuikai, the most traditional extreme right wing group leaders during 2014-2015.

Nippon Kaigi is still trying to utilize Tekisai's Christian-Hate theory, for it is very convenient use the THE ETERNAL ENEMY is there, so Japanese have right to be tempered to strike out the ENEMY!

Hence Nippon Kaigi is trying to mix in a part of Tekisai's Christian-Hate theory into the World History school textbook which need to pass the official verification ethical code settled by MEXT(the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

I'll briefly go on this reference  to represent some tips and ideas how non-Japanese can approach and make those Galapagos Japanese keep sit on the necessary discussion and negotiation table with information opened both for inbound and outbound although the Japanese language is another piece of iron cookie you bite.

There are 55 atomic plants include Fukushima One which have been discharging radioactive poisoned  water to the pacific ocean, but the information access is very limited for the majority of Japanese who're aware of the fact, or have information access in non-Japanese language.

City area train stops so often by "sudden fall out" "emergency" and "suicide".  And, monster class typhoon and the swarm earthquake in west Japan area shows how dangerous canary Japan is for this planet.

If all 55 atomic plants become out of control in this land, the whole world will be polluted by collapse of Japan.

It's not just the crisis of Christianity. And ordinary unawared Japanese popular mood might be the toughest wall the world face to.

I'd still cross to the hope.



Historical Fantasy Over the Nippon Kaigi Cabinet

Hi! It's Shellil Linn.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

While I've been searching for some materials for my novel writing, I've found a series of "up date secret history books" regarding the end of Edo Period to early Meiji Era(about 1830-1880).

Those books have issued from several different publishers, but, all of them are the grassroot autority members of Nippon Kaigi.

Hence anyone in the world can buy those books written in Japanese language in Amazon.com , I'd just take a brief note on their "preferable historical view".

Maybe most of journalist believe that Nippon Kaigi would re-built the Meiji Constitution world, under "the goddess Emperor" as it had once been before the WWII.

Since the Emperor Akihito made a historical speech on "abdication before his death" and "the crown his successor Prince Norihito as the symbolic Emperor" this summer, Nippon Kaigi had done reprisal shuffling for those who allowed or agreed  "His Highness" to speak out unfavorable speech.

Emperor Akihito's will is as following:

1) He's old enough to retire from symbolic Emperor.
2)In case he dies as the Emperor, the course of mourning rituals, memorial feasts which takes several years to go over will be too heavy burden for his successor. It will cost so much for national budget also. If he dies as "retired Emperor", the mourning will be done all by Imperial Shinto priests mainly in the palace mainly.
3) Hence he's the symbolic Emperor, it is not necessary to let the crown prince to become the regent, because symbolic Emperor don't commit with any "actual politics".

Emperor Akihito probably studied a lot on the honor pontiff Benedictus XVI, for he may seek professional advisors on this matter for Empress Michiko graduated from Sacred Heart Women University,  one of the most famous Catholic women University in Tokyo.

Nippon Kaigi has been preparing the "secret true history" on  the Imperial successor.

According to Nippon Kaigi members, the South Imperial power had given up the secret mirror, sword and the comma-shaped bead to North Imperial power in 14th century is the faked story.

South Imperial power have been hidden in for centuries, according to Nippon Kaigi history. It's just like as if King Arthur's successor have been hidden somewhere for centuries! Impossible to identify who's who in this long history.

Nippon Kaigo also claim that their respectful guru, Masaharu Taniguchi's guru, Onisaburo Ideguchi is the secret successor of Emperor Komei who'd probably assasignated by Meiji government fundamentalists.

Hence Nao Ideguchi, the establishment guru of Omoto sect was a literate farmer, supported by the public for she was accepted as "common people's guru" in folk Shintoism. So, it is non-sense to have any chance for her to meet the crown prince or the Emperor.

 Emperor had always  sat behind many silk shades whenever he meet someone except his family and upper court ladies who had allowed to stay in his dark chamber. At that time, no one really know the Emperor's face even in the palace!

 During Edo period, most of Emperors had almost no chance to go out of a small palace in Kyoto. They even hadn't have right to his palace garden or go out of palace to do the ancestral worship when he deserve to do so.

Nippon Kaigi seems to trying to replace the present crown prince to "Nippon Kaigi recommended prince" in the expected confusion occurred by the sick, death, and the enthronement of the crown prince.

I see a lot of writing and rumors how the crown prince and princess is disqualified, or denial opinion on "crown princess" written by " not identical handle name person".

According to the fantastic historical view of Nippon Kaigi, the sect belief which has no traditional bases, public support nor popularity will seize over Japan as Kim dynasty have done in North Korea.

If Japan become a dictated nation almost same style as North Korea, the entire earth environment will  be endangered by the radioactive pollution caused not only by Fukushima One, but many other atomic power plants on the local faults which on the three continental shelves.

Not just Japan will ruin herself, but cause the world-wide radioactive pollution problem due to earthquakes which unavoidable in this area.

Most of Japanese feel worthless and almost no self-esteem to "think by oneself". Most of them are not totally brainwashed, but, strong co-dependent mentality of common Japanese try to find their mental easiness in "be blind, and make someone weak isolated or independent a heel, so he'll be safe".

Nippon Kaigi is trying their best to purge bureaucrats, LDP member to make their fantastic dream come true without any rational political policy except "HIDE THE FACT! MAKE THE WORLD BLIND!".